Water Treatment/Consulting

Advantage Water Engineering’s core mission is to help our customers control utility costs and extend the useful life of their HVAC and process cooling equipment.

While we provide an extensive array of chemical products, the best chemical feed/control equipment available, and state-of-the-art remote monitoring, these are all just tools. Our strength is using these tools along with on-site expertise to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Water Treatment Services we provide include:

WCTI Zero-Bleed Cooling Tower Treatment

  • WCTI equipment package installation and on-going service
  • licensing to allow use of WCTI patent

Solid-Feed Cooling Water Treatment

  • service/equipment/installation
  • retrofit using clients’ existing controls

Traditional Liquid Chemical Treatment

  • cooling tower service
  • steam and hydronic boiler service
  • closed loop cooling system service
  • condensate system service


  • water chemistry fundamentals
  • chemical safety
  • corrosion and fouling fundamentals
  • boiler operation
  • Legionella and water-borne pathogens


  • feed system design
  • Legionella control/ASHRAE 188P/HACCP
  • scale/corrosion/bio-fouling remediation
  • remote monitoring/alarming retrofits on older equipment
  • filter efficiency/sizing study
  • softener elution study
  • Evaporation Credit (Deduct) Program

Laboratory Services

  • microbiological analyses of water, including water-borne pathogens
  • deposit analyses
  • metallurgical analyses
  • resin analyses

Chemical Cleaning

  • on-line bio-fouling
  • chiller cleaning
  • tower fill

Equipment Installation

  • liquid chemical feed/control systems
  • WCTI Zero-Bleed systems
  • Solid-Feed chemical feed/control systems
  • softeners
  • reverse osmosis systems
  • portable exchange DI supply systems
  • water meters
  • bypass feeders/filters/brominators

Corrosion Monitoring

  • corrosion coupons
  • corrator
  • spool piece construction/installation