Advantage Water Engineering Equipment

Advantage Water Engineering offers a full line of chemical feed, storage, control, and monitoring equipment to complement any water treatment program. We do not use proprietary equipment, but rather sell/service/use the very best “off-the-shelf” feed and control equipment on the market to meet the goals of our clients. We provide equipment from these firms:


  • Snyder
  • Bulk Systems
  • Chem-Tainer
  • Peabody Engineering
  • G.E. Mathis


  • LMI
  • Prominent
  • Stenner
  • Neptune


  • Advantage Controls
  • LMI
  • Turner Designs
  • Pyxis

Bypass Feeders/Filters/Brominators

  • Neptune
  • Vector
  • J.L. Wingert
  • Harmsco

We also offer several different remote monitoring options for controllers and ancillary equipment such as corrosion coupon racks, water meters, and bleed valves (solenoid and motorized ball).

We offer the Turner Designs “Little Dipper” and Pyxis in-line fluorometer probes and a separate hand-helds units. These devices work with our Dye-Tech traced chemical inhibitors for real-time chemical control and “titration and reagent free” operator testing. Contact us using the form below to learn how we are using this technology to make our clients’ jobs a little easier!