Advantage Water Engineering Products

Traditional Treatment Products
Our water treatment programs for cooling towers, steam boilers, and closed loops help our customers control utility costs and extend the useful life of their HVAC and process cooling equipment. Designed around customer input, our programs are customized and unique to each facility. The products we use to achieve results for our customers include:

  • Biocides
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Neutralizing amines
  • Cleaners
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Dispersants

Our entire product line of scale/corrosion inhibitors utilizes a UV fluorescent tracer we call Dye-Tech. With the implementation of Dye-Tech, our clients enjoy:

  • Inhibitor testing that requires no reagents, color matching, or sample measurement and titration
  • Extremely accurate and simple system volume determination
  • Flat-line control of inhibitor level within condenser water systems

Solid-Feed Products
Since 2003, Advantage Water has offered Solid-Feed chemical products and feed systems for cooling water applications. There are many instances where the use of solid forms of traditional liquid water treatment chemicals may be preferred:

  • Outdoor applications
  • Liquid chemical delivery is impractical or dangerous
  • To minimize disturbance of tenant spaces
  • To maximize sustainability, reduce carbon footprint, and qualify for LEED Certification

We have succeeded over the last decade in using solid products, where many have failed. We learned early on that the feed systems for solid products were the weak link. We use feed systems of our design and have provided our Solid-Feed customers with the same excellent microbial/scale/corrosion control results our liquid chemical clients enjoy. It can be done right, and we know how!